You would be surprised to hear that there is a term like car addiction and yes, it does exist.

Car addiction should not be confused with vehicle overdependence, which is basically a condition whereby an individual finds it difficult to do without a car for the purpose of commuting.

Someone who loves cars would find it hard to do without them. As a matter of fact, they do not mind stealing to get the car they love. It is very easy to spot someone who has an addiction to cars.

You will discover that they are always on the lookout for new car models. If it is within their financial capacity, they would purchase. Therefore, people like this can change their cars up to four times a year.

People who have car addiction are never satisfied, they do not like it if there are people who are using the same models as theirs, they simply want to be different.

Hence, they would try their best to ensure they stand out whenever they go out with their cars. There are a good number of features which could be responsible for a car addiction. One of them is speed.

There are some people who love fast cars; they are simply in love with the speed, and they would do anything to get a car which provides such speed.

People like this might not necessarily change cars frequently, because there are not too many fast cars around, when compared to the average top speed of most conventional cars.

Another feature is beauty. There are some people who are so taken in by the beauty of a car, and when they see another which has a better beauty, they would go for it instead.

People who love beautiful cars would not find it pleasing if they go for an outing, and they discover there are other cars which look more beautiful than theirs.

There is a thin line between loving well-crafted cars, and being addicted to them, and crossing this line is detrimental particularly to the mental health of an individual.