big collections of carsIndividuals who collect cars have an unrivaled passion for them. Some collectors simply love to possess cars while others also work on them, maintain them, feature them in auto shows, drive them and race them. There are some individuals who literally own hundreds of cars. Investing in high quality cars is a common thing for wealthy people to do because high quality cars retain their value. Car collections are an investment as much as a hobby. Commonly, the investor is also an automobile aficionado who takes pride in his knowledge of cars and cares for the vehicles properly.

Often, car collectors will collect within a niche, such as European cars, motorcycles or vehicles from a particular maker. Vehicles are incredibly diverse and range extensively in their appearance, their parts and their performance. Collectors frequently invest in vehicles that they are familiar with, have worked on or that they have an affinity for. Investing in cars that come from a similar background also means that they will require similar replacement parts that come from similar manufacturers. This makes vehicle maintenance easier and more accessible. The ease of vehicle maintenance is a huge consideration for collectors because it can drastically change the cost of the investment.

There are some collectors who keep their vehicles entirely to themselves and do not display them at all. Some collectors take their vehicles out minimally for personal commutes. Others are more willing to share their vehicle collections with the world and enter their cars into car shows, contests and exhibits. And there are others still who collect cars in order to make use of them. They freely exhibit them, drive them, race them and let others borrow them. All call collectors are individuals and have unique motivations and philosophies behind their car collections. There is clearly more than just one type of car collector.