obsessed with carsCars have proven to be a weakness for a great number of people. There is something about the speed, power, agility and style of a high performance vehicle that makes people crave access to cars. Some people spend their entire lives collecting and investing in vehicles – rare, classic, exotic and otherwise – just for the pleasure of owning them. Vehicles are a crowning achievement in industrial technology and have been a household necessity since the earlier part of the twentieth century. But to some people, they are much more than a necessity. They are a way of life.

We all know someone who’s interest in cars exceeds the average person’s. Their focus on automobile’s is one of their highest priorities. They can tell you about the make and model of every vehicle on the road, they care for whatever number of vehicles they possess meticulously and anytime they have the chance to drive a new car, they are completely in the moment. Typically, people with an interest in cars that is this strong are mechanically minded. Cars appeal to them because they are naturally drawn to understanding machinery. Either this or they view cars as some kind of status symbol and are interested in what a car can do for them. Either way, cars become the object of many people’s interest, fascination and even obsession, which is not always mentally healthy.

Some people become so obsessed with cars in general or with one particular car that they become addicted. Their obsession over cares consumes all of their time, money and energy. There are even cases of people becoming romantically involved with their car, imagining that they are in a mutual, loving relationship with their car. It is all right for cars to be a hobby or even a passion, but when they become a personal obsession, addiction or delusion, it is possible that intervention is required. In these cases, a counselor or addiction treatment specialist is often the most effective remedy.